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Deep Mind Therapy in Reigate, Surrey and Online.

It Is Time To Let Go.

You may have struggled with negative thoughts or feelings.

That can change.

I’m here to help you change how you think.

And change how you feel.

Because you can feel better.

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Find out more about therapy options with in Reigate, including help for anxiety, PTSD, exam stress, chronic pain, IBS and mental fitness personal training.

What is Deep Mind Therapy?

The thoughts that you’re aware of take place in your conscious mind.

But that’s only 1% of your brain.

Your Deep Mind is the 99% of your brain that processes everything you can see, hear and feel.

It does everything that’s needed to control more than 250 muscles that are needed when you walk.

It processes far more information, more quickly, and more powerfully than your conscious mind.

So that’s what we can help you change.

It’s not what you think, but how you think it.

That can change.

Plan Your Therapy

When we meet, we’ll be focusing on how you want to be, not how you were.

We’ll focus on change.

We’ll speak about how you’re doing, then start with some easy techniques.

All you need to do is take the time to notice what you notice.

Because your brain knows how to change and it will.

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