Practical GDPR for Therapists

ProtectinG Therapists and Clients

For therapists, protecting the privacy and security of client data is critically important.

However, our data protection laws are hugely complex.

Keith has called on his earlier career, when he advised corporate organisations about their privacy and security obligations, to write Practical GDPR for Therapists.

Practical GDPR for Therapists book by Keith Dewey

The book provides a gentle guide through data protection obligations, starting with the controls that are likely to make the biggest difference.

Practical GDPR for Therapists is available now on Kindle, Paperback and Hardback.

Help to protect your clients with Practical GDPR for Therapists.

Topics in Practical GDPR for Therapists

Through the book, we look at:

Must Haves

  1. ICO Registration
  2. Privacy Notices
  3. Website Cookies
  4. Marketing Traps
  5. Data Subject Rights
  6. Basic Data Security

Should Haves

  1. GDPR Principles
  2. Records of Processing
  3. Lawful Bases
  4. Further Conditions
  5. LIA and DPIAs
  6. Third Party Engagement
  7. Design and Default

Could Haves

  1. Data Mapping
  2. DPO
  3. Policies & Procedures
  4. Breach Plans
  5. Security Certification
  6. EU Reps
  7. Training

We’ll help you make sense of the law and become more compliant.

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